Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Safety pin stuck in my heart

George Gimarc's excellent "Punk Diary," which I have been reading for a couple weeks now, finally inspired me to create a more "obscure" punk playlist for the iPod. The songs are by no means obscure for aficionados of vintage UK punk, circa 1976-81, but I hadn't really heard about them until I read Gimarc's meticulously detailed book, so they were obscure to me.
I have got some great songs on there, such as Patrik Fitzgerald's "Safety-Pin Stuck in My Heart," Peter and the Test Tube Babies' "Run Like Hell," Tanz der Youth's "I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry," Leyton Buzzard's "19 and Mad" and many others.
I listened to it in the car during a busy day of work, in which I had three assignments for the newspaper on three ends of town.
If you saw me bopping my head excessively while driving, I was probably listening to something like "Danger Love" by the Vice Creems.


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