Saturday, October 29, 2005

Indie's classic duet

It is so hard to believe that radio stations don't play "C is the Heavenly Option" on a regular basis.
This classic duet between Heavenly (led by former Talulah Gosh singer Amelia Fletcher) and Calvin Johnson (of Beat Happening) sounds like a big hit, even if it is only revered by music's underground fans.
You can go to, located here, and download this track for free, and you really should. Still, it seems beyond unfair that more people aren't humming this song as they walk down the street.
I did the dishes this morning while listening to some indie pop songs on the iPod, and I danced around the kitchen to "C is the Heavenly Option."
The song's lyrics are in the form of one of those romantic tests found in some magazines:
My boyfriend says he will leave me
Should I (A)
Get down on your knees
Should I (B)
Tell him where to go
Or should I (C)
Kiss him until it shows.
Amelia and Calvin trade off the lines, so that a boy and a girl each give the romantic advice.
The catchy chorus?
And if you're a (C) you'll end up like me
And love will bowl you over.
Hmm... I would hate to think "C is the Heavenly Option" is too clever for mainstream tastes. That, I am afraid, would be a damning indictment against the mainstream.


Blogger Klaus Kinski Jr said...

I got to see Heavenley once and can still probably sing laong ot most of thier songs especially P.U.N.K Girl and Hearts & Crosses. I Think the ending of the movie Fat Girl ripped off this song.

8:31 AM  

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