Sunday, November 06, 2005

Five songs... and out you go!

Hard to believe... It was 30 years ago tonight that the Sex Pistols played their first gig. I was 9, living in Concord, Calif., and I am sorry to say I have absolutely no recollection of the Pistols' first gig.
Actually, not many people probably have any recollection of that first gig.
It was at St. Martin's Art College, near the band's rehearsal space, and gig organizers pulled the plug a mere five songs into the set.
The Sex Pistols were very much a work in progress as of Nov. 6, 1975, apparently. There was no "Anarchy in the UK" or "Pretty Vacant" or "God Save the Queen" in the repertoire in those days.
Instead, the band belted out covers such as "Substitute" by The Who and "Whatcha Gonna do About it?" by the Small Faces.
Here is a great bit of Pistols trivia, courtesy of George Gimarc's "Punk Diary:"
The headliners for that first Pistols gig was a Hornsey Art College band called Bazooka Joe. Their frontman, Stuart Goddard, was so impressed by the Pistols and their do-it-yourself aesthetic that he soon quit Bazooka Joe and began planning his own band. He would eventually settle upon the stage name Adam Ant and...
Well, you probably know the rest.
Happy Anniversary, Sex Pistols!


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