Thursday, November 03, 2005

Some times, older is best

The great Big Rock Candy Mountain blog, located here, posted a pair of Patsy Montana songs this morning.
Listening to this great gal yodeling her way through some tunes prompted me to break out some more old country music.
Last year, I read a Carter Family biography and I picked up a cheap compilation CD. It was one of those CDs you can purchase for about $5.99, presumably because no one else would want it. That's their tough luck.
The Carter Family's songs, based on centuries old folk melodies compiled by A.P. Carter, never seem to age. Although, my 10-year-old daughter would argue that the "banjo music" puts her to sleep. I hope that one day, she will set aside her Tim McGraw CDs long enough to listen -- just listen closely -- as Maybelle Carter picks at her guitar.
Then, maybe my daughter will hear that Maybelle was as great a guitar genius as Jimi or Eric or any of the other guitar gods.


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