Monday, August 02, 2010

"It's like having a nap without losing consciousness"

I'm re-reading "IN A SUNBURNED COUNTRY" by BILL BRYSON, in preparation for our upcoming trip to SYDNEY.
I had to laugh this morning, as I read Bryson describing "THE SURREAL AND REWARDING WORLD OF CRICKET ON THE RADIO."

I have loved listening to cricket on the radio since first hearing it 30 years ago, during a trip to HOLLAND (where we had easy access to British radio).

Describing it to friends, I have termed cricket on the radio as like a very lengthy rain delay during a baseball game.

Here is how Bryson describes it:

"There is something incomparably soothing about cricket on the radio. It has much the same virtues as baseball on the radio -- an unhurried pace, a comforting devotion to abstruse statistics and thoughtful historical rumination, exhilarating micro-moments of real action -- but stretched across many more hours and with a lushness of terminology and restful elegance of expression that even baseball cannot match. Listening to cricket on the radio is like listening to two men sitting in a rowboat on a large, placid lake on a day when the fish aren't biting; it's like having a nap without losing consciousness."

I love that thoroughly apt description. I think that's why I love cricket on the radio!


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