Monday, July 26, 2010

The man of many emotions

I've got too many emotions for one person this morning.
I'm relieved, because my mom and sister have promised to lend me spending money for my planned trip to AUSTRALIA.

I'm a little saddened, because our youngest daughter ANNIKA was upset last night when she spilled an entire container of leftover pasta sauce (sauce I had spent all day making).

I'm very proud, because KERSTIN practiced driving for the first time in a parking lot yesterday morning, then drove a few miles on a rural highway during the afternoon. That's a wonderful first day of driving!

I'm also a little angry, because the DOG woke me up at 3:40 a.m., and when I brought her downstairs to put her outside, I discovered one of her messy "accidents" in the kitchen. I hate days that begin with pre-dawn mopping.

The anger's subsiding, though, because now that I am awake, I may as well listen to some IVORY JOE HUNTER.

I'm putting together a "TEXAS JUKEBOX" playlist of Tejano music, country (including western swing), early rock-n-roll and rhythm and blues -- all from the Lone Star State. Hunter was one of the classiest purveyors of the latter musical style, and I am having a heck of a time paring down his songs for inclusion in the playlist. His classic songs cover so many of the emotions!

"Since I Met You Baby" is a no-brainer, and although "Heaven Came Down to Earth" was only a 1955 B-side, It is so beautiful I would chose it as a flip side to play in a juke box.
Hunter's "You Can't Stop This Rocking and Rolling" is prescient for 1956 and "Love's A Hurtin' Game" fits so well stylistically with some of the beery/weepy honky tonk songs I'll include on the playlist, so I feel like they should be included, too.
See, I told you my anger's subsiding. My obsessional approach to enjoying music is rising, though. Just like it always does.


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