Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Straight outta Stockton

ANNIKA and I spent the night with my MOM and STEP-DAD at their rented cottage in BELLEVUE.
This morning, we sat on the porch and my step-dad recalled his upbringing in STOCKTON, CALIF.

His dad worked for the inland port in Stockton, a city in the Central Valley, east of the Bay Area. Stockton was as mixed demographically after World War II as it is now, and my step-dad grew up among Filipino immigrants (who taught him to enjoy spicy food).
In honor of the city nicknamed "Mudville," Annika and I listened to "TERROR TWILIGHT" by Stockton's finest band, PAVEMENT, en route home in the fog.

I've had Pavement on my mind lately. My friend Justin saw the band Sunday at the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago. They were amazing, he told me.

Before heading to work, I am creating an iPod playlist based on the Pavement set list of the weekend show (Justin posted the set list on FACEBOOK).
As the fog lifts, I can continue listening to this great band -- probably the most influential musical export from my step-dad's hometown.


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