Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Band Perry started young

My favorite story of THE BAND PERRY involves the three ALABAMA siblings' initial days spent making music.
We saw the country/pop group open for ALAN JACKSON last night at the GREAT JONES COUNTY FAIR.

Because I eschew most contemporary country music in favor of the honky tonkin' classics, I hadn't yet heard "HIP TO MY HEART," the Band Perry's catchy Top-20 country hit. (You can see the video by clicking here).

I was pleasantly surprised by the band's set. Powered by KIMBERLY PERRY'S strong vocals, I was reminded of the rockin' country band Lone Justice.

Kimberly (lead vocals, guitar, and piano) is joined in the band by brothers REID (bass guitar) and NEIL (drums, mandolin, and accordion).
Now, as for that favorite story. Kimberly hasn't always allowed her brothers to share the stage. She fronted a band when she was 15 years old, and used her brothers Reid (then 10) and Neil (then 8) as her roadies. I love the idea of a family of country rockers, and of pint-sized roadies scrambling to set up and take down equipment after a gig.
We'll have to see if The Band Perry can sustain their initial success. I think they have their debut full-length album coming out this fall.


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