Wednesday, July 28, 2010

INXS and a memory that never leaves

With ONE MONTH to go before our AUSTRALIA trip, and with sunny weather but low humidity (for a welcomed change), I listened to INXS while driving home tonight.
I can never listen to INXS without thinking of NOV. 22, 1997.

That's the day I arrived in IOWA to join JILL and KERSTIN, who had moved from OREGON earlier in the fall. It's also the day INXS vocalist MICHAEL HUTCHENCE took his life.

I was genuinely shocked at the time, thinking (as I do today) that Hutchence's passing was such a waste.

Hutchence is forever linked with SYDNEY. He was born there and met the Farriss brothers (co-founders of the band) at Davidson High School in the northern suburb, Frenchs Forest.

I'm sure I'll listen to more INXS as my trip nears and while we're in Sydney.

I'm sure I'll think about Nov. 22, too.