Friday, July 30, 2010

Route 1: In need of a few good books

ROUTE 1 will spend 38 hours total on planes later this summer -- wait, what? -- and could use a good book (or five) to read.
That brings up a useful FRIDAY QUESTION:

"What book would you bring on a long, lonnnnng trip?"

RICK T. -- A road atlas!

ROSEANNE H. -- Get a James Patterson one. Great read.

BEKAH P. -- This question is SO easy! I didn't even have to remotely think about it... I would bring Diana Gabaldon's "Outlander." Now, I know the plotline sounds ridiculous (a World War II nurse stumbles into the middle of a stone circle and finds herself thrown into Scotland in the 1600s, where she is captured and forced to marry a guy she eventually falls in love with), but it seriously the BEST book I have EVER read (and that's saying a lot for how much I read.) This is the book I buy for EVERYBODY!

STEVE M. -- If you want to go on an armchair journey to Spain, try James Michener's nonfiction Iberia. It is long. I enjoyed it, and it is NOT a novel.

SANDYE V. -- If you haven't read all the Harry Potter books and you had an extra seat to fit them in (or a Kindle or something), I'd say J.K. Rowling would be good company for 38 hours.

KERSTIN H. -- That's easy! The entire Twilight series should only take you 94 hours.

LAURA C. -- I enjoyed The Given Day...and it's longish. Also Devil in the White City. But really? I'd get a Kindle and just load that sucker up.

JOHN S. -- Pillars of the Earth is 1,200+ pages and very good.

KERI M. -- Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, and the sequel (which counts as the same book, right?) Committed.

MIKE M. -- If I were jetting off to the Land of Oz, I'd probably take "Happy Isles of Oceania" by Paul Theroux, also "The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England" by Ian Mortimer, "Matterhorn" by Karl Marlantes, "The Imperfectionists" by Tom Rachman, and "Exposed" by Daniel Dundon, in which an unusual murder investigation takes readers from an Iowa pig farm to a Florida nudist resort and back to a Dubuque cathedral
STACEY B. -- Water for Elephants! It's the perfect book to escape from the boringness of a long trip to the eclectic world of a circus.

ERIK H. -- I could sit and thumb through The Sunday Times Illustrated History of Football (the British kind) for hours. 38 hours? That, I am not so sure about.


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