Friday, June 25, 2010

Boredom Booooooooredom

Welcome to ROUTE 1, you window into the world of BOREDOM.
Hang on, that didn't sound right. Let me try again.

Welcome to ROUTE 1, offering you a taste of extreme BOREDOM.

No, no, no, no, no...

What we mean to say is:

Readers share their descents into BOREDOM by answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION:

"What is the most boring thing you have done?"

BEKAH P. -- In honor of your recent jury duty stint, I will recall the time that I had to sit and listen to an expert witness explain for FOUR HOURS how she collected DNA off a hammer. You'd think it'd be fascinating, since that hammer actually killed a little girl, but it was the most un-riveting, coma-inducing testimony ever!!!

JIM S. -- I would sit in my back yard and meticulously pull creeping Charlie for as long as an hour. A CD would be on the player (no iPods yet) and, on a cool evening, it would be very relaxing. It also was therapeutic because it helped take my mind off some serious family challenges at the time. But most people would consider it very boring.

ANNIKA H. -- Sit.

SANDYE V. -- That would be the summer I worked on a factory assembly line in 90 degree heat, putting brass pins into wooden blocks to make data entry cards. The brass pins were in a huge pile in front of me. I felt like the Miller's daughter who had to spin straw into gold. I did that eight hours a day for half a summer. Then was switched to an air conditioned room where we filed the fuzzy ends of rubber grommets off with emery boards dipped in acetone (hence the air conditioner).

RICK T. -- Drive across Nebraska in the daytime.

KERSTIN H. -- Waiting in a waiting room.

MIKE D. -- While my college economics and philosophy of religion classes were hard to beat for boredom, the Bob the Builder stage show that my family attended last year literally put me to sleep.

ERIK H. -- I recently sat in a jury room with my fellow jurors (but with nothing to read and no iPod) while the prosecution and the defendants in a trial hammered out the details of a plea agreement.


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