Friday, June 18, 2010

Rainy days and Friday Questions always make me _____.

DUBUQUE, the home of ROUTE 1 H.Q., has received at least a trace of rain on 13 of the past 16 days, so we know a thing or two about precipitation (like, how we're getting tired of it).
Here, readers reveal some of what they know about rain by answering the following fill-in-the-blank FRIDAY QUESTION:

"I ______ rain because it __________________."

SANDYE V. -- I like the rain (within limits) because it makes my garden grow and it smells lovely.

JEFF T. -- I enjoy rain because it hardly ever happens in Nevada!

SASKIA M. -- I like rain because it brings relief when it's hot outside and because it sounds so calming when I lay down to go to sleep.

RICK T. -- I love rain because it washes my car.

KERSTIN H. -- I like rain because it smells good and I like to read when it rains.

KERI M. -- I love rain because it cleanses and it smells so fresh.

JOHN S. -- I love rain because it cleans everything.

CLINT A. -- I hate the rain because it will not stop!

ANNIKA H. -- I love rain because it makes me happy and sells good.

STEVE M. -- I love rain because it makes me want to hole up inside with a good book or movie.

ERIK H. -- I generally like rain because it washes the world. I'm not too crazy about it if I have left my umbrella at home.


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