Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tell that "joke" to an oil-soaked pelican

The most heinous "joke" I have seen in the British media in the aftermath of goalkeeper ROBERT GREEN'S goalkeeping mistake in ENGLAND'S 1-1 draw with the USA appeared on the website of the DAILY MIRROR.
"That's one British spill the Americans won't be complaining about."
Actually, England could have overcome Green's flub if they had played up to their potential. Consider these unanswered questions from today:
Where was Frank Lampard for lengthy stretches of the match?
Why were James Milner and Ledley King starting if neither was fully match fit, as appeared to be the case following their early withdrawals?
Couldn't the midfielders have played higher up the pitch, perhaps providing super striker Wayne Rooney with more ammunition?
Clearly, Green is not the only one to blame for England's performance.
Indeed, give some credit where credit is due: The USA has improved immensely on the international stage.
At the time of the draw, I remember a pundit predicting that England v. USA would present itself as a tightly fought Premier League encounter. That's exactly what transpired.
In several phases of the game, the USA proved themselves more than capable of keeping up with England.
So keep your oil spill jokes to yourselves, tabloids, and look for answers to help solve England's problems.
They go beyond a goalkeeper letting a shot slip through his fingers.