Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Errol and the dreamlike moment

It was one of those strange moments in life that seem scripted.
Having loaded blues, jazz and reggae onto my IPOD, I turned to the other "warm weather music" and began loading AUSTRALIAN music yesterday morning.

Having added the great band AUSTRALIAN CRAWL, I was listening to their greatest hits while driving around yesterday. I was heading to home for lunch while "ERROL," the Crawl's tribute to Down Under film icon Errol Flynn, when I pulled up to the house.

JILL was there (unusual for a lunch hour) and she asked to borrow my smartphone so she could video something.

She handed me a letter from my sister INGER... and the rest is really a blur.

I remember staring at the words uncomprehendingly while my hands shook.

The letter informed me my wife, sister and mom were combining resources so I can accompany Inger to Australia in August.
What? Australia? Me?

The news still hasn't hit me, but I do know I'll always associate "Errol" with a dreamlike, rather surreal and definitely surprising moment in my life.


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