Thursday, June 03, 2010

Aussie music again and again and again

Ironically, I was planning to add AUSTRALIAN MUSIC to my iPod *before* I learnt I would be traveling DOWN UNDER in a couple months.
Now that I know, listening to Australian music has become yet another (No. 3,145,984 to be exact) of my obsessions.

Today, I listened to some discs of the box set, "AUSTRALIA'S ULTIMATE SONGS."

Some of these Antipodean classics appeared on American radio, but not all.
I don't remember hearing "Way Out West" by The Dingoes or "Father's Day" by Weddings, Parties, Anything on stateside radios.
It made for fun listening.

By this afternoon, clouds cleared over DUBUQUE and the bright blue skies marked the music I was hearing.

As a side note, interested persons (there have to be at least a couple, right?) can check out my new, Australian-trip related blog, the appropriately titled "FETCH ME MY VEGEMITE."

You'll find it on the links list on the right of the page. I plan on chronicling my preparations for Australia as well as my experiences once I arrive in August.



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