Friday, June 11, 2010

"Now *THAT* would be a smart phone!"

That was the sound of ROUTE1's SMARTPHONE waking us up 20 minutes ago. It's a nice little feature called "WAKE US UP 20 MINUTES BEFORE FRIDAY QUESTION TIME."

What are some features our readers would add if they could add any feature to a smartphone? Hmmm...

BEKAH P. -- One that did my actual job for me, therefore allowing me to stay home and watch M*A*S*H reruns.

ANNIKA H. -- Nothing.

SANDYE V. -- An automatic shut-off valve for people who annoy others with their loud and invariably long cell phone conversations in public places. Now that would be a smart phone.

LAURA C. -- I haven't got a smartphone, but Pete has an iPhone, and he would like to add the ability to make and receive calls.

INGER H. -- One feature I would love to see added to my beloved iPhone would be data beaming... how awesome would it be to be able to just send a picture or a note from one device to another wirelessly, there would be a lot of games you could create using that as well... oddly, there are some devices out there that do that, but none of the biggies. Maybe the implementations are still too kludgey or buggy, maybe its a concern about security, not sure.

KERI M. -- Walkie Talkie.

KERSTIN H. -- Where's Robert Pattinson right now.

MIKE M. -- Telephony doesn't excite me, but I'd be thrilled if the iPod Touch had a camera.

CLINT A. -- Autopilot, to drive me home when I am too tired to drive.

ERIK H. -- Whenever the girls called during one of their epic fights about who has to wash the dishes, I would tap an icon and hear nothing but delightful birdsong -- the delightful chirping of happy birds.