Friday, June 04, 2010

Plenty of good pet peeves still available

ROUTE1'S current PET PEEVE is people who steal wallets containing London transport cards from fitness center locker rooms.
Don't have your own pet peeve? Fear not:
This week, readers prove there are plenty of good pet peeves still available by answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION:
JEFF T. -- People having other conversations while on the phone with me, or worse, people having a phone conversation while having a live conversation with me!

BEKAH P. -- People using the microwave for 55 of the 60 seconds and then forgetting to push the "Clear" button.

LAURA C. -- There are so, so many! How can I pick just one? Well, here's one of my most frequently experienced: When people stand still in an area that is clearly meant for movement, such as in the doorway of an office building, or at the top of an escalator. Move people! MOVE! I don't want to run roughshod over you, but I will if I have to.

RICK T. -- Having to explain myself, over and over!

BRIAN C. -- Being asked to name pet peeves. Actually, it's people who sit in their parked vehicles in fire lanes outside a supermarket or other store while a companion shops inside.

JIM S. -- Just one! OK. People who talk on their cell phones while driving, don't use their signals, cruise through stop signs and hog two places when they park.

INGER H. -- The way the garbage men leave our street strewn with bits of recycling trash every Monday. Grrr.

SANDYE V. -- My pet peeve is the excruciating, mumbled voicemail message -- especially the call-back number. They ramble on and on, forcing you to listen to it multiple times, trying to make sense of it. I hate that!

MIKE D. -- Just one?! OK, smokers who flick their butts out of their car windows. It's wrong on so many levels.

CLINT A. -- People that drive 10-15 miles an hour below the speed limit. This happens frequently near the shores of Lake Superior where there are plenty of turnoff observation points if one would like to stare at the lake for an extended period of time. No, it is much easier to become a traffic hazard and congest the road. I now have to leave an extra 15 minutes to get to work on time now that it is tourist season here. Oh, I am not bitter about this one. . .

KERSTIN H. -- When people start singing and there's no music or anything.

KERI M. -- People who talk during staff meetings.

BRIAN M. -- This one's easy. People who run red lights. Can't SOMEONE respect the natural give-and-take of traffic flow? What makes one person's agenda so much more than other people's that he has to risk himself and others to run a red light?

ERIK H. -- Besides the aforementioned wallet thieving, among my pet peeves is people who don't understand that a blinking red stoplight is equivalent to a stop sign. I've seen drivers pass through the intersection without pausing, like the blinking red light meant "green," and I've seen cars remain rooted to the spot with no other cars in the intersection, as if the blinking red light meant "permanent stop."


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