Sunday, June 20, 2010

A famous Father's Day result

The only thing missing from this FATHER'S DAY is the proof of my fatherhood -- the girls are both gone today and the remainder of this week.
I've been listening to BLUES (including some great MEMPHIS JUG BAND tunes from the 1920s) and watching the WORLD CUP.
NEW ZEALAND just famously held ITALY to a 1-1 draw.
I remember 1982, when the All Whites were beaten by Scotland (5-2), the Soviet Union (3-0) and Brazil (4-0).
Now, 28 years later, New Zealand have held the defending World Champions. New Zealand has no professional league and the only professional club plays in the Australian league. Andy Barron, New Zealand's final substitute, works in a bank and had to get time off work just to accompany his teammates to South Africa.
It was a memorable match and made me smile on a childless Father's Day.


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