Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Saunter: to walk with a careless leisurely gait

Yesterday's uncomfortable combination of steaming heat and stifling humidity meant a brisk walk to a downtown appointment was strictly out of the question.
It was a day for sauntering (if you were forced out of air-conditioned comfort). So I walked to the appointment while listening to the ULTIMATE SAUNTERING SONG.
"One for Daddy-O" appears on Julian "Cannonball" Adderley's classic 1958 album, "Somethin' Else." The song languidly struts on by, which is the pace at which I took my walk yesterday.
Miles Davis occupies the rare territory of sideman on the session, but on many occasions his trumpet playing steals the show.
Davis seems to make every solo seem so effortlessly easy. It's hard not to close your eyes for fuller appreciation.
I don't recommend closing your eyes during a downtown walk on a hot day, but I do recommend listening to "One for Daddy-O" and the rest of "Somethin' Else."


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