Saturday, July 07, 2007

Home Cookin' to celebrate

I took the girls to "Ratatouille" yesterday afternoon.
The Pixar animated feature tells the story of a rat who realizes his true calling as a genius chef.
Patton Oswalt provides the voice of Remy the rat. Television viewers know Oswalt as Spence Olchin on "King of Queens" and as the utterly hilarious dungeon master Boozehammer of Galen on "Reno 911."

The film's depiction of culinary adventures inspired the girls: They demanded we create a SPECIAL DINNER SURPRISE for Jill on our anniversary, which is today.
The girls transformed the dining room into a restaurant while I ensconced myself in the kitchen, jamming to Jimmy Smith's wonderful album "Home Cookin'" while making POLENTA with a THREE-MEAT SAUCE.
Jill was indeed surprised and it was a memorable meal -- root beer in the girls' wine glasses and all.
This morning our anniversary dawned with me ensconced once again in the kitchen -- this time cleaning up the MONUMENTAL MESS.
I played "Home Cookin'" once again as well.
Smith always dazzles on the organ. On this album, however, the real star seems to be guitarist Kenny Burrell. His composition "Sugar Hill," in particular, is a fabulous example of swinging, stunning jazz.
It provides a great soundtrack for cleaning up a kitchen, too.


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