Monday, July 02, 2007

Monday with Miles

I am listening to Miles Davis and trying to figure out what clothes to wear to work.
It will be an odd week. Jill and the girls are out of town and I worked yesterday. I also work today and tomorrow... I am off Wednesday (July 4)... I work Thursday... Then I am off Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
It will be difficult to keep it all straight.
It is also difficult to keep straight the entire Davis musical journey.
"The greatest single thing about Miles Davis is that he does not stand still," wrote San Francisco Chronicle jazz critic Ralph J. Gleason in 1974. The evolution from "Birth of the Cool" to "In a Silent Way," for example, is quite remarkable. Except for the brilliant trumpet, it would be easy to mistake the music as coming from two completely different musical realms.
Today I am listening to "'Round About Midnight," with the classical original Quintet -- John Coltrane, Philly Joe Jones, Paul Chambers, Red Garland and Davis.
The music is intriguing and soothing and beautiful. It also seems to make picking a shirt-and-tie combination for a Monday on the job somewhat easier.


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