Sunday, July 08, 2007

Some like it hot, but not too hot

Jill and I celebrated our anniversary last night with a MOVIE NIGHT with the girls.
We first watched Rob Reiner's "The American President," with Michael Douglas as the widowed president who falls for lobbyist Annette Benning. It is a funny film that the girls in particular really adore.
We switched gears slightly for the nightcap film, watching Billy Wilder's "Some Like it Hot."
The girls had never seen the film before, and laughed at Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon and cheered for Marilyn Monroe (hey -- who doesn't?).
I was reminded of the tales from that movie... Stories such as the one about Monroe needing 47 takes to say the line "It's me, Sugar" and that Curtis' high-pitched voice as Josephine had to be dubbed.
It is a wonderful film, and we all enjoyed it.

I was still thinking about the film this morning, until I heard about the fires springing up all over Nevada.
My mom and step-dad live in the Silver State (in Reno, to be precise).
What's more, my cousin Webb is a wildland firefighter based in Winnemucca.
So, imagine my concern this morning when I read:
"An 8,000-acre wildfire forced hundreds of people in Winnemucca to leave their homes."
Today I will frequently check the National Interagency Fire Center Web site, located here, for updates on the Winnemucca fire and others burning in the West.
Last night's incident report lists 471 new fires, including 33 new large fires.
Included among the Winnemucca-area fires is the Thomas Fire -- 600 acres at 30 percent contained as of last night. This fire is located 2 miles southwest of the city.
I hope my cousin stays safe. He loves what he does, but fighting any kind of fire remains a dangerous endeavor.


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