Saturday, October 09, 2010

That joke STILL isn't funny anymore

It's RIDICULOUSLY NICE OUTSIDE -- the sun is shining, temperatures are rising to true Indian Summer level and the leaves are turning on the trees.
At least, that's what it looks like, outside the window of the office I am sitting in during a Saturday at work. I haven't been outside enough to experience today's weather myself.
Working on a beautiful day makes me feel rather MELANCHOLY, so I am reveling in the mood by listening to some singles by THE SMITHS, including "THAT JOKE ISN'T FUNNY ANYMORE."
The "MEAT IS MURDER" track was the band's eighth single and probably the band's saddest single in tone.
"When you laugh about people who feel so very lonely their only desire is to die, well, I'm afraid it doesn't make me smile."
The song is making me smile, however, as I listen and reflect on the difference between the glorious outdoors against the work-a-day existence of the office.
"I've seen this happen in other peoples' lives, and now it's happening in mine..."


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