Monday, October 04, 2010

The Giants provide that opiate feeling

I'm sitting here with that happy kind of opiate feeling that comes over me whenever the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS clinch a playoff spot.
It's not a common feeling: The Giants last made the postseason in 2003.

The feeling wasn't quite as pure back in 2003, because the team's success felt tainted by the (alleged) artificial prowess of Barry Bonds.

This year's Giants team is a collection of battle-hardened veterans who have never tasted success (Aubrey Huff, for example) and young guys just happy to be playing big-league baseball (Buster Posey, for example). There's no perceived villain, like Bonds. It seems like a team of "regular guys."

The pitching staff is great, the offense is sometimes anemic, and the club's unofficial slogan is "GIANTS BASEBALL: IT'S TORTURE."

Well, bring on your torture. I'll take the postseason version with a big smile.


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