Saturday, September 25, 2010

My "Grand Final" day

My day felt like today's AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE GRAND FINAL, just writ large.
There were little triumphs and bitter disappoints, fights and reconciliations, joy and tears and at the end, the realization that it will all happen again.

I'm hoping a family meeting tomorrow -- when JILL and ANNIKA arrive home from an out-of-town trip -- will help solve whatever problems KERSTIN and I experienced today.

On the field, COLLINGWOOD and ST. KILDA must wait a week to resolve their remaining differences.

I'm so thankful Jill talked me into taping this match on our DVR. It was a true classic.

St. Kilda's Lenny Harris scored a late, fourth-quarter behind (the one-point scoring play in Aussie Rules) and to make the result Collingwood, nine goals (worth six points), 14 behinds, to the Saints' 10 and 8 -- with both sides finishing in 68 points.

The AFL doesn't have an extra-time rule, so the result was only the third draw in the league's history of grand finals.

Collingwood dominated the first half, but the Magpies only boasted a 24-point lead for all their good play. St. Kilda spent the second half chipping away and ultimately eradicating the Magpies' lead.

It seemed like a lot like life. Or, at least my life, on a day like today.


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