Monday, September 27, 2010

Beyond the profanity: Green's sweet soul

Wonder what music was like during the GOLDEN AGE OF SOUL MUSIC?
CEE LO GREEN gives us a glimpse, with a song tailored (in its original form) to avoid the radio.

The words of the Gnarls Barkley crooner's single, "F**K YOU," might be all about the rage triggered by a lost love in 2010, but the music is pure Motown vintage.

In a musical landscape dominated by synthesized vocals backed by identical musical templates, I find it refreshing to hear Green's homage to the R&B of the past -- even on the radio-friendly (but lyrically not as realistic) edit, titled "Forget You."

I took the dog on a walk this weekend with "F**K You" on repeat on my iPod. Green's propulsive tune kept me nearly skipping down the sidewalk.

Beyond the profanity of the lyrics, there's a true classic tune here.


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