Thursday, October 07, 2010

Glee for the "Glee" cast as they surpass The Beatles

JILL AND THE GIRLS are fans, but I can honestly say I have never watched an entire episode of "GLEE."
The television show made history recently, stunning and probably saddening some music fans in the process.

In the clearest example yet of how the musical landscape has changed, the cast of "Glee" claimed one of the BEATLES' sales records. The TV singers have recorded 75 U.S. Top-100 singles. The Beatles' record had been 71.

While the Beatles amassed their hit record with original, enduring music, "Glee" cast members have recorded cover versions of established tunes.
Our family has purchased at least a couple "Glee" songs from iTunes -- part of the 11.5 million downloads the cast has sold.
"The covers they do are really good," KERSTIN said. "They don't try it better than the original artist. They rock to their own beat."

I don't mind originally rendered covers -- but not if it's a group's only musical contribution.

Does this sort of instant, almost "borrowed" success discourage existing musical groups from striving for success? I fear it does, and it makes me worried for music's future.


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