Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Spiderbait and Weed -- I never knew the connection

I've been listening to a lot of SPIDERBAIT recently.
Along with Powderfinger, this MELBOURNE trio are among my favorite contemporary AUSTRALIAN bands (although, Powderfinger are currently embarked on their farewell tour, so their "contemporary" tag won't remain for long).

I've just learned there is a connection between Spiderbait -- drummer/singer Kram (Mark Maher), bassist/singer Janet English and guitarist Whitt (Damian Whitty) -- and the little town of WEED, CALIF., a Siskiyou County community not far from towering MOUNT SHASTA.

Spiderbait recorded its sixth album, "TONIGHT ALRIGHT," in 2004 in Weed with American producer Sylvia Massy. The album includes Spiderbait's Aussie chart-topping cover version of the blues standard "BLACK BETTY."

The album reached Gold status Down Under, and I had no idea there was a northern California connection until reading about "Tonight Alright" in Melbourne's Age newspaper.
I have passed Weed countless times in my life, driving from the Bay Area up Interstate 5 to my dad's hometown of Medford, Ore.
Little did I know it would provide the epicenter for the creation of a great album.


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