Friday, October 08, 2010

Not just topsy, not just turvy -- it's topsy turvy

The novelty of watching the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS while the leaves change color is so unusual, it's like the world is suddenly spinning upside down.
ROUTE 1 readers know the feeling, as they proclaim by answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION:

"What is the most topsy turvy aspect of your life?"

RICK T. -- Living day to day!

MIKE M. -- My seven-year-old daughter Rebecca is the only girl on the Dubuque Packers Mighty Mites football team. I'm afraid she'll get hurt physically or emotionally, but also worry that she's not aggressive enough. While I have anxiety attacks on the sidelines, RJ seems to be having great fun on the field.

KERSTIN H. -- My dad has always lived in the U.S., but on his iPod he has a playlist for every major country except the U.S.

JIM S. -- Not to be too somber or melodramatic, but since my first wife, Jane, died, I've felt myself take on many motherly characteristics. Most of them seem to deal with being more worried about them or feeling their pain. In the past, I had to cover for Jane's worries and pains over her boys, so I didn't have time to feel them as much. But it's been as good as it could be, thank God.

KERI M. -- Adjusting to my new school from my old schools ways.

ERIK H. -- My dog acts like a cat (sitting on the top of the couch, curling up in the sun to nap, eating cat food) while one of my cats acts like a dog (licking my face, retrieving small toys, eating dog food).


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