Sunday, October 10, 2010

"Root Down" fits my autumn mood

It's that time of the year.
Every AUTUMN the mood strikes me -- the JAZZ mood.

I listened to the funky, jazzy 1972 classic album "ROOT DOWN-JIMMY SMITH LIVE" by organist JIMMY SMITH while walking the dog and cleaning the bathroom today.

Many music fans know about the title tune, "Root Down," for the BEASTIE BOYS' extensive sampling of the song on their 1994 track, "Root Down."

The remainder of Smith's album is fantastic, particularly the funk-driven guitar of ARTHUR ADAMS.

Adams is one of music's rather unsung heroes, who deserves wider recognition.

He played and recorded with B.B. King -- writing the songs "Mean and Evil" and "Something Up My Sleeve" for the blues giant. Adams also played guitar on Bonnie Raitt's "Nick of Time."

The Crusaders, Johnnie Guitar Watson and Dr. John are other artists who have benefited from Adams' fret work.

His contributions are among the memorable components of "Root Down," an album that helped propel me on a beautiful fall day.


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