Friday, October 15, 2010

Be true to your school, siss boom bah

It's HOMECOMING WEEK at ROUTE 1 -- Monday was "Just Rolled Out of Bed Day" -- and it's time for a school-themed FRIDAY QUESTION:
"What is your favorite high-school tradition?"

LISA Y. -- At our high school they sold these HUGE white mums the everyone would wear the night of the game. The had a little pipe cleaner "W" on them for West High.

RICK T. -- Homecoming!

BEKAH P. -- Graduation. No, seriously, I couldn't have been more happy when that version of hell ended.

SANDYE V. -- My high school (Morton East in Cicero, Ill.) had a tradition of elaborate birthday celebrations, at least for girls. Your friends would collect donations for weeks before. On your birthday you would get: a corsage, stuffed animals, cascading ribbons of gum to wear (and share) and giant cards drawn on poster paper taped to your locker. People would autograph them all day. It was amazing and a lot of fun.

JOHN S. -- On the Mustang soccer team we used to do a "horse dance" after scoring a goal.

ERIK H. -- Central High School in Phoenix, Ariz., once had some raucous pep assemblies, with a DEVO-inspired rock band providing music.


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