Friday, August 06, 2010

On the radio: Very interesting

ROUTE 1 is currently listening live online to CONTINUOUS CALL TEAM radio coverage of the rugby league match between the PARRAMATTA EELS and the GOLD COAST TITANS.
That's interesting, eh?

Here are some other recent radio moments, brought to us by readers answering the following FRIDAY QUESTION:

"What was the most interesting thing you heard on the radio this week?"

JOHN S. -- I heard someone refer to Ragbrai as a race.

BEKAH P. -- Sadly, nothing! With a commute that lasts only a few minutes, I often forget to turn on the radio. That is the one thing I miss about my 90 minute commute -- uninterrupted learning via NPR.

MIKE M. -- On NPR, novelist Gary Shteyngart wondered about the futility of seeking happiness in today's endless stream of information. A few minutes later, a reviewer claimed that fragmentary scenes from Henri-Georges Clouzot's unfinished 1960s film "Inferno" are much more memorable than whole, current movies.

RICK T. -- Sox Win, Sox Win, Sox Win! (Chicago White Sox that is!)

KERI M. -- Everything I hear on the radio station that I listen to is interesting (

SANDYE V. -- I heard on NPR that the country we get the most oil from is Canada! And it is extracted laboriously and expensively from sand, using lots of water and natural gas to process it. Crazy.
ANNIKA H. -- I have no idea!
MIKE D. -- It was a joke from the Bob & Tom Show that went something like this:

Two women meet in the afterlife. The first asks the second how she died.

"I froze to death," she said.

"Oh, that's terrible," the first woman replies.

"It wasn't so bad," the other says. "It was cold at first, but then my body had a rush of warmth and I fell into a deep sleep. How about you?"

"Well, I died of a heart attack," the first woman said. "I suspected that my husband was cheating, so I came home early one day to find him sitting in front of the TV set with a beer. I thought he was hiding something, so I ran all over the house -- upstairs, downstairs, from room to room, checking closets, the pantry, under the bed, ... until I was so exhausted I finally keeled over."

The second woman replied, "Duh, if you would have just checked the freezer, we'd both be alive today."

ERIK H. -- The Eels lead the Titans, 12-0, at half time, and one of the Parramatta stars is Tonga-born New Zealand international Fuifui Moimoi, whose name is pronounced "Foo-ee Foo-ee Moy Moy." It's an interesting name, and it's delightful to say.


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