Monday, August 09, 2010

Monday I have "Friday on My Mind"

I have been listening to THE EASYBEATS lately, in advance of my SYDNEY trip later this month.
They were an interesting group, with a history that includes fan hysteria, major hits in their homeland and an international hit that continues to resonate today.

Here are five interesting things about the Easybeats:

1. All five original members were children who had migrated to Australia from Europe. singer Stevie Wright and drummer Gordon "Snowy" Fleet were from England; guitarist Harry Vanda (born Johannes Hendricus Jacob van den Berg) and bassist Dick Diamonde (born Dingeman Ariaan Henry van der Sluijs) were from Holland and guitarist George Young was from Scotland.

2. They triggered a fan hysteria similar to "Beatlemania," called "Easyfever."

3. "She's So Fine," "Women (Make You Feel Alright)," "Come and See Her," "I'll Make You Happy" and "Sorry" were among their early, Australian chart hits. The band moved from Sydney to London in 1966 and recorded their first major international hit, "Friday on My Mind," with famed producer Shel Talmy.

4. As the group matured, it dealt with a series of problems, too, including tragedy. Vanda's wife Pam took her own life on the eve of the band's move to London, reportedly distraught that she could not accompany him to England.

5. Young and Vanda continued their musical partnership after the band's demise, with side projects such as Flash and the Pan and mentoring Young's younger brothers, Malcolm and Angus, as the siblings formed AC/DC.