Saturday, August 07, 2010

Cold Chisel classics highlight "training" day

The COLD CHISEL classic song "You Got Nothing I Want" is playing, I'm eating VEGEMITE on my toast and I'm about to wake up the girls so we can attend today's CRICKET match.
Where am I?

I'm still in DUBUQUE, my trip to AUSTRALIA is still a couple weeks away.

You might say I am "in training."

Cold Chisel are simply one of the best rockin' bands from anywhere, let alone from Down Under (the band originated in ADELAIDE).

Pianist Don Walker wrote the songs and Scottish-born singer Jimmy Barnes belted them out.

It was formula that resulted in a string of hits that sadly never made much of an impact on this side of the Pacific.

No matter. Cold Chisel will provide my soundtrack for what shapes up as a busy day. I work the Noon to 9 p.m. shift. Then, I might complete my training session with an Australian beer.


Blogger inger said...

Good on ya, Mate!

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