Tuesday, June 28, 2005

3,657... 3,658... 3,659!

My intensive interface with modern technology -- namely, loading songs onto my iPod -- has come to a close.
No, really!
I wanted to stop loading songs after I had filled about 15 GB of the 20GB iPod. I want to have some space in reserve. After this morning, I have filled 14.71 GB of the iPod with 3,659 songs.
I am not quite finished fiddling with it, of course. I still want to create a few more playlists.
Thus far, I have created the following playlists:
1. 2_tone_classics -- A 40-song collection of ska revival songs from 2Tone record label artists such as The Specials, The Selecter, early Madness and others.
2. 66_hits -- Just what the name implies, 66 of my favorite songs (that are not found on any of the complete CDs I uploaded onto the iPod).
3. 9_hour_mega_mix -- The 117-song juggernaut of dance music. I might use it to open a club in my basement.
4. anarchy_plus -- A 90-song collection of UK punk, powerpop and mod revival songs circa 1976-1982. "It's not just 'anarchy,' it's 'anarchy_plus!'"
5. honky_tonkin -- A 55-song trawl through vintage (1950s and 60s) honky tonk tunes. It opens with Johnny Horton's majestic "Honky Tonk Man."
6. sun_records -- Again, just what the name implies: Hits from the Memphis-based Sun Records stockpile, including early gems from Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, and some guy named Elvis Presley.
I would like to compile a dub reggae playlist, and perhaps a hard-rocking playlist, so I still have some work to do with my iPod.
For now, however, I am going to take a break and actually LISTEN to the thing for a change.
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