Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I think I need help

Professional help. Seriously. Like, right now. Please call somebody!
I wanted to make a playlist of dance music for my iPod.
I even thought of a title for the playlist: "3_hour_mega_mix," with those little underlined things... you know, like how "computer people" write things. Yeah... a three-hour mega mix. Just pump the music.
By hand-picking songs from various dance music CDs in my collection, I could get the songs I like on the iPod without loading the entire CD onto the iPod. That concept is straight out of "iPod 101."
So, when I got home from work tonight, Jill and the girls were at my father-in-law's house for dinner. Perfect! I could use that time for my "3_hour_mega_mix!"
So I dutifully began loading songs onto the computer. And more songs. And more songs.
Jill and the girls came home and the girls wanted to go to the municipal pool for an hour of evening swimming. Fine. I was three-quarters of the way done with loading the songs for the MEGA MIX. An hour of swimming would be... healthy.
We came home from swimming. I loaded a few more songs on the computer and clicked on the "3_hour_mega_mix" icon to begin ordering songs.
One... small... problem...
My "3_hour_mega_mix" actually contained NINE HOURS OF MUSIC.
NINE HOURS! I could listen continuously from the time I got to work, through the lunch hour and all the way to walking out of the staff entrance back to my car.
Then, I could replay the playlist and go for a casual, nine-hour drive somewhere. Only... I think if I drive for nine hours, I either end up in another country, in an ocean or in a state where the good folks park their confederate flag-laden trucks in a Winn-Dixie parking lot.
What am I going to do with a NINE-HOUR playlist on my iPod?
I knew exactly what I would do with it.
I changed the name to "9_hour_mega_mix."
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