Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A dubby good morning to you all

I came up with a novel way of waking up the girls for another morning of swim lessons at the municipal pool: The thudding LOUDNESS of some mid-1970s dub reggae music! BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOO-BOOO-BOOO-BOOOOOOOM!
"Do you mind turning down the music next time?" sleepy Kerstin asked.
Equally groggy Annika barely knew her own name.
'Tis the power of "Dub Pon Dis Ya Side!"
Actually, dub reggae is another example of music I once hated, but now I love.
I used to consider the meandering, hypnotic and dully pounding sounds of dub to be the exclusive domain of the permanently stoned. I was never among the permanently stoned (I only briefly inhabited the domain of the occasionally stoned... and only then in college), so I thought dub was not for me.
Now, I have a much broader appreciation of jazz and I can see the similarities.
While the jazz trumpeter or pianist heads off on an intellectual journey of improvisation, so too does the dub reggae studio engineer.
By removing parts of the song (the vocals, a horn line, the guitarist's contributions, etc.), the dub engineer creates his own improvisational journey.
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