Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mesopotamia + Sodertalje =

They might not have their own country, but at least they have their own soccer team.
Assyriska Foreningen -- a team of Assyrians based in Sodertalje -- are enjoying their first season in the Swedish top flight this summer.
Traditionally a Christian minority living in present-day Iraq and Syria, the number of Assyrians has been estimated at about 2 million. Many fled persecution by the Ottoman Empire in the early decades of the last century. A fair number settled in Sweden and founded the Assyriska club in 1974.
After eight matches, Assyriska occupy the 12th spot in the 14-club Allsvenskan.
As I sweat in Dubuque's heat and listen to reggae music today, I am also thinking about this club for fans without a country.
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