Sunday, June 05, 2005


I needed a mix for a fine summer day... so here it is!
The objective? To craft a CD of mostly disposable pop, since summer is usually all about disposable pop. There are a few deviations from the theme, but not many. Note the nationalities of the artists. Can you say "Scandinavian-centered?"
1. The Streets (featuring The Futureheads) - "Fit But You Know It"
This one almost sounds like a mash-up, as British post-punk band The Futureheads back a strictly hip-hop tune by The Streets (aka Britain's Mike Skinner).
2. BT (featuring Rose McGowan) - "Superfabulous"
Washington D.C.'s techno-whiz Brian Transeau teams with actress (and goth hottie) Rose McGowan for a guitar-laden romp. Mmmm...
3. Robyn - "Be Mine"
The latest single from the Swedish pop star.
4. Junior Senior - "Move Your Feet"
The acclaimed dance-pop gem from Denmark's Jesper "Junior" Mortensen and Jeppe "Senior" Laursen.
5. Aqua - "Barbie Girl (extended version)"
Can't get enough of this catchy and annoying Danish tune? Well, here's the EXTENDED version!
6. A-Teens - "One Night in Bangkok"
Please try and follow this: A quartet of Swedish teenagers who usually produce crappy covers of classic ABBA tunes shift gears, producing a rather credible cover version of Scottish one-hit wonder Murray Head's crappy song about Thailand. Huh?
7. t.A.T.u. - "All The Things She Said"
Only in Britain could a pair of Russian would-be lesbians (perhaps) top the charts for a month. I hope only in Britain.
8. Crazy Frog - "Axel F"
The most famous ringtone of all time... much to the world's dismay.
9. Vengaboys - "Up and Down"
Insanely catchy ditty from Holland.
10. China Dolls - "Yali's Boyfriend"
Thailand has pop stars? Thailand has pop stars!
11. Pop! - "Someone Like You"
Sort of like Britain's 2005 version of ABBA. Only... no one will remember them by 2006.
12. Kylie Minogue - "Confide in Me"
I hope she wins her battle against breast cancer. She is classy.
13. Dannii Minogue - "Nervous"
An Aussie currently living in the shadow of her way more famous sister.
14. Tiger Tunes - "(Angry Kids of the World) Unite"
Denmark strikes again.
15. Roots Manuva - "Rebel Heart"
British rapper. Real name: Rodney Smith.
16. Shaggy - "Dance and Shout"
Jamaican/American deejay/MC. Real name: Orville Richard Burrell.
17. The Similou - "All This Love"
Not too much to do during the Swedish winter EXCEPT make music.
18. Annie - "Helpless Fool for Love"
Might become the greatest pop export EVER from Norway. a-ha, consider yourselves warned.
19. Antique - "Time to Say Goodbye"
Swedish band fronted by Swedish-born, Greek winner of this year's Eurovision Song Contest. Remember... ABBA got their start by winning the Eurovision!
20. Boy George - "The Crying Game"
Kerstin, 9-year-old pop expert, on Boy George: "The reason why his name is Boy George is because he looks like a girl. His voice is so good, it can surprise you."
I called this mix "Superfabulous" and used the above bikini shot of Marilyn Monroe as the cover art... because she is so... ooh-laa-laa.
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