Friday, June 03, 2005

Saturday night sounds

This week's FRIDAY QUESTION asked blog readers for their essential "Saturday Night" records -- those records you would choose as the soundtrack for Saturday night fun.
Dave B. -- My Saturday night records are the three compilations Erik made for me of my DJ nights at Spanky's (a former Cedar Rapids, Iowa nightclub), the Spanky's-Woody's dance mix I made and The Reaganomics. For me, all music is about the 80s and these five CDs put me in a wonderful mood on a Saturday night.
Emily S. -- My favorite Saturday night record is anything hip-hop. Particularly, OutKast or 50 Cent. They just get you pumped up and in the mood to go out and be social.
Jim S. -- I'll age myself a bit (a lot?) by picking "Machine Head" by Deep Purple and "Fool for the City" by Foghat. Both have great, hard-driving, Saturday-night, party type songs. For the more contemporary music fans, I'd pick "Get Born" by Jet, and skip over the slow songs.
Rick T. -- My favorite one is by Gene Watson called "Got No Reason Now for Going Home!" Written by Johnny Russell.
Scout S. -- As everyone knows, the best Saturday night record is the mixtape you make on Saturday afternoon. Mine would include: "Chinese Arithmetic" (Eric B. & Rakim), "I Left My Wallet in El Segundo" (A Tribe Called Quest), "Swing Set" (Jurassic 5), "Hey Ladies" (Beastie Boys) and "Running Out of Angels (extended version)" (Elvis Costello).
Jill. H. -- I loved the old "Saturday Night Cruise" (radio program on KAT-FM). They played all the old songs you could sing along to, and your parents and aunts and uncles would reminisce about what the songs meant to them. You could learn a lot of family history.
Brian C. -- Two that come to mind (and my CD player) are "I Just Want to Make Love to You" (Foghat) and "Fire" (Jimi Hendrix). You don't even have to turn up the volume much; they already are "loud" and edgy.
Bob H. -- Since I am retired, every night is Saturday night! If I don't have a good Netflix movie or just want to check out for awhile, I would lay down between the speakers with my feet up and listen to the Joy of Cooking, an all-girl, Bay Area rock group from the mid-60s.
Mary N.-P. -- I love KUNI's Saturday night music (radio program) with Bob Dorr. It is so eclectic and Saturday night should never repeat.
Diane H. -- "Add it up," the greatest hits disc by the Violent Femmes, is one of my favorite fun CDs, because how can you not be in a great mood after you listen to "Blister in the Sun?"
Matt K. -- My Saturday night record, back in the day, might be "The Doors," the self-titled breakout album from the L.A. dark knights that taught us how to "Break on Through" to the other side, and the epistemology of death in the seminal "The End." Come to think of it, I was quite a morbid bastard "back in the day."


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