Friday, June 17, 2005

I never really liked (fill-in-blank) before!

Some music grows on you. You never really liked it before, then you suddenly love it.
This week's FRIDAY QUESTION asked readers to fill in the blanks:
"I never used to like ____________ before, but now I love them/it/him/her. I guess because _______________."
Ann M. -- Country music. I can understand what they are saying instead of making up my own words (that is what I do when I listen to rap music).
Diane H. -- Bluegrass music. It's got great harmony and musicianship. I no longer view it as bad hillbilly music because I'm older and wiser.
Dave B. -- Female lead singers. Now I love them because of the alluring voice of Shirley Manson of Garbage.
Kerstin H. -- Reggae. I head Natty Nation perform it.
Ellen G. -- 80's hair bands. They seem novel and safe compared to the pop slop of the most recent decade.
Jim S. -- Disco music. Now I can listen to it without feeling an urge to ask strange women in discoteques to dance beneath disco balls.
Rick T. -- Rock & Roll when I was a kid. Now I love it because it was tame compared to the rock you hear today. Bring back the 50s!
Erik H. (me) -- Jazz. I didn't appreciate it.
When I was younger, I found jazz inscrutable or worse... boring.
Then I bought a cassette of Charlie Parker. His fast-as-lightning improvisations on the alto saxophone sounded like Eddie Van Halen guitar solos.
After my jazz-collecting dad passed away, I began to explore some of the artists he had loved -- Miles Davis, Chet Baker, Count Basie, Dave Brubeck and Duke Ellington. I started to appreciate what they had accomplished with instruments I had always associated with a junior high school band class.
Ultimately, I took a jazz appreciation course at a local music school. It was like prying open a locked book of magical secrets. One night after class, I drove home listening to John Coltrane. It was like suddenly understanding another language.
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