Monday, June 27, 2005

Am I hot , er... black... enough for you?

Where was I? It is so hot I can barely think straight, let alone remember where I was this weekend.
Oh yes... camping...
It was miserably hot. I remember that much. Overnight thunderstorms forced the children from the tent into the pop-up camper shared by the adults. Little Annika, age 6, used the occasion of sleeping with mommy and daddy (the latter would be me) to practice her sleeping karate. She must have kicked me a dozen times, ultimately forcing me to the side of the pop-up camper, where I "slept" while "resting" on a length of metal framing. Oh yeah... Now I remember.
It wasn't all bad. It was fun relaxing (in the shade) during the daytime and listening to my newest CD acquisition. I found the newest Trojan reggae compilation: "Am I Black Enough For You? Jamaican Songs of Freedom, 1970-79."
This fantastic collection of classic reggae -- songs such as Ken Boothe's "Is It Because I'm Black," Gregory Isaacs' "Black a Kill Black" and The Chosen Few's "Am I Black Enough For You" -- serves as a perfect accompaniment to a SEARING HOT day.
Like today! The National Weather Service forecasts a record-setting 96 degrees in Dubuque today. I think I will be spending some of my day off today at the pool.
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