Monday, December 10, 2012

Chilling with a cold-weather musical concoction

With its chilling beats and icy arrangements, "WHO'S AFRAID OF THE ART OF NOISE" seems like the perfect aural accompaniment to a SNOWY DAY like yesterday.
If you don't remember, ART OF NOISE were the rather faceless electronic music group who, despite their seeming anonymity, were comprised of some of British music's biggest behind-the-scenes names.
J.J. JECZALIK served as synthesiser programmer for the group and was joined by producers GARY LANGAN (ABC, Spandau Ballet) and TREVOR HORN (The Buggles, ABC, Cher, Pet Shop Boys, Genesis, etc.), arranger ANNE DUDLEY (ABC, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Rod Stewart, "The Full Monty") and music journalist PAUL MORLEY.
"Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise" was the group's 1984 debut. I heard such tracks as "Close (to the Edit)," "Moments in Love" and "Beat Box" on one of the Bay Area's pioneering alternative-music radio stations and my respect for what Art of Noise were doing with experimental sounds has grown from those first experiences.
Even back then, Art of Noise sounded best on a cold, grey day.


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