Friday, December 07, 2012

"Say Hello" highlights my playlist devoted to bleeps and blips

GREY SKIES have put me in the mood for SYNTH-POP, so I'm crafting a various artists playlist on my iPod devoted to melodic bleeps and blips.
SOFT CELL has to be included, particularly "SAY HELLO, WAVE GOODBYE," the 1982 single that reached No. 3 on the UK charts.
It's a shame American radio programmers never see beyond "Tainted Love," because "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye" demonstrates how Soft Cell had such a wonderful way with the modern torch song.
I don't want my synth-pop playlist to grow too sprawling -- the genre works best in short bursts of electronic beeps, right? -- so I am restricting it to two songs by each artist.
It should be a perfect accompaniment for a grey day.


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