Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Enjoying cricket with coffee as companion

Our recent mild weather is about to take a turn back toward normal for early December.
That's why I've been trying to wring as much enjoyment as possible out of the past few sunny days.
It's also why I am following the CRICKET so closely this week. Nothing says "warmth" quite like ENGLAND taking on INDIA on the subcontinent.
Overnight, England's James Anderson took three wickets and Monty Panesar two to restrict India to 273-7 on the first day of the third Test at Kolkata. Gautam Gambhir scored 60 runs for India before Sachin Tendulkar struck for 76.
I've been following the action while sipping coffee and reading a cricket magazine my sister sent me after her recent trip to India.
I'm off work Friday, and I plan on staying up late Thursday to listen to cricket on the radio.
I'll close my eyes and imagine sun and blue skies, since we won't likely see them much around here.