Monday, November 26, 2012

When your dreams say "listen to Poco" you listen to Poco

I'm never certain what DREAMS mean, but I do know I'd better pay attention.
Last night, POCO provided the soundtrack to one of my dreams, so I am listening to the pioneering country rock band in the car today.
RICHIE FURAY and JIM MESSINA launched the band following the demise of BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD, and although Poco did score a few hits, in hindsight their lasting legacy was their influence on a genre.
Furay himself explained the band's impact in "Desperados: The Roots of Country Rock" by John Einarson:
"I think Poco gets overlooked. Poco innovated, it didn't copy, and that's what made us special. The ones who really did get it were Glenn and Don (Frey and Henley, of the Eagles), and Pure Prairie League, whom we definitely influenced. There couldn't have been the Eagles without us. Poco was the launching pad for the more commercial aspect of country rock music."
Today is one of the coldest days we've had this season. I'll warm myself with some Poco -- thanks to a message from my dreams.


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