Friday, November 16, 2012

What do we watch on TV?

Welcome back to ROUTE 1 and the FRIDAY QUESTION.
This week, readers answer the following query:
"What do you enjoy watching on television?"
KERI M. -- The news, Glee, HIMYM and Big Bang Theory.
JIM S. -- In the mornings before work, I catch a mixture of C-SPAN's Washington Journal and MSNBC's Morning Joe. In the evenings, it's almost all sports. As Kris likes to mockingly say, "There's ALWAYS a game on." But I also enjoy an old movie once in a while or a PBS special. I honestly do not watch a single weekly show on ABC, CBS or NBC.
LAURA C. -- The great series on HBO and Showtime. I like them even better than movies. These days I don't watch network TV at all...
MIKE D. -- A good action movie or shows on the History Channel.
RICK T. -- That 70's Show, Reba and Big Bang Theory.
CLINT A. -- John King with his magic wall of demographics election night on CNN, could watch that all the time. Crazy data there!
STEVE M. -- Breaking Bad!  It is fantastic.  Start from the beginning and savor each episode.  The final eight are coming up next summer.
KERSTIN H. -- I love Grey's Anatomy, Bones and Criminal Minds.
SANDYE V. -- Mostly PBS, especially the Newshour. Also "CBS Sunday Morning," "60 Minutes," "Amazing Race" and "The Good Wife," (all on CBS on Sunday.)
STACEY B. -- I absolutely love how "The Middle" and "Modern Family" are sometimes a little too close to reality.
ERIK H. -- My favorite two series ("Arrested Development" and "The Wire") no longer appear on TV, so my current favorite thing to watch is Saturday morning soccer from England.


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