Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The song that had me driving around the block

I actually drove around the block before returning home from my rare overnight shift at the NEWSPAPER -- posting articles on the website for night owl readers.
I wasn't prolonging my trip home to revel in the many historic implications of the night's many results -- I was too tired for that.
No, I kept on driving so I could hear a song in its entirety!
"DON'T TELL ME" was a 1984 hit by (I think) the criminally overlooked British synth-pop duo BLANCMANGE.
The opening track on the duo's second album, "Mange Tout," "Don't Tell Me" isn't just a great synth-pop song. It's a great song, period.
It features one of the most indelible synthesiser riffs, but adds a "world music" wrinkle in the form of Pandit Dinesh on tabla and Deepak Khazanchi on sitar.
Well worth driving around the block, I must say.


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