Thursday, October 25, 2012

Whatever you do, don't pinch me

OK, now I get it!
I'm about to wake up sometime in August, with the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS stalled behind the Dodgers and Diamondbacks in the National League West.
These past few weeks, they've been nothing but a dream -- and one of those "eat-spicy-foods-right-before-bed" kind of dreams at that!
That's the only way I can explain what happened in the past two National League series against the Reds (winning three elimination games on the road) and Cardinals (again winning three consecutive elimination games, this time against a team famous for winning such contests).
That's also the only way I could possibly explain last night, an 8-3 victory against the DETROIT TIGERS in Game 1 of the WORLD SERIES.
Pablo Sandoval homered three times? Like Babe Ruth?! Nah... I'm dreaming.
The G-men chased an ineffective Justin Verlander, hyped as the sport's best current pitcher and, oh by the way, the American League's reigning MVP and Cy Young Award winner? Nah... I'm dreaming.
Barry Zito not only won his World Series debut, not only singled in a run, but had a rapturous crowd chanting his name? Nah... I'm dreaming.
I'm not sure how the rest of this dream plays out and I don't care. This postseason has been a surreal blast of unexpected fun.
I'm just sure of one thing. I don't want anybody pinching me to wake me up.


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