Monday, October 22, 2012

The Giants have certainly made this postseason memorable

We've had #RallyZito and now #RallyEnchiladas.
We've had four, improbable elimination-game victories on the road and now the SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS have delivered to us a GAME 7 against the ST. LOUIS CARDINALS in the NATIONAL LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES. The winner claims the pennant and home-field advantage against the DETROIT TIGERS in the WORLD SERIES.
We've had "Vogey" trending worldwide on Twitter and people photoshopping pitcher Matt Cain's head onto the body of horses. We've had trolls sitting behind the dugout (pictured) and people sporting giant panda heads in the stands.
It's been a remarkable postseason for Giants fans like myself.
We've lost hard and won big, all of it memorable. 
Who knows what tonight will bring?
I can only predict we'll be presented something we will long remember.


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